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I do a lot of reading throughout the week, mostly from the Internet. I follow many library-staff on Twitter, my feedly updates me on LISNews (among others), and my coworkers spread the wealth of reading as well. Here are some of the more interesting library-related links I’ve read lately:

Annoyed Librarian’s article on “The Hyped Future or the Desired Future?” (I had read the articles/surveys mentioned in this piece separately and AL brought up some great points)
Oak Park Public Library’s Idea Box – what a neat thing! Apparently the Youth Services group in my library are thinking of something similar. I definitely want to get in on that action!
Tumblarians! Love this. I’ve been following a few for a while and this is a great read to see why.
Weird things you can check out at a public library. I don’t think my library has anything like this, but we will have some awesome science kits this fall (fossils, dinosaurs, bones, rocket launchers, etc.).
Creative Programming for Older Adults – this is a good read, especially since I’m at a public library where 50+% of its programming is geared toward children. Apparently we have a lot of trouble getting more adults in for programming (unless they are here for their kid), so it’s good to see some ideas like this around.

If you have any other articles, blogs, etc. to share, please do! I love a good read, especially in my field.

(On a less professional note, I’m moving in 10 days! I have the next three days off, so I’ll get almost all of the packing done. Today I picked out a washer and dryer – how adult.)

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One thought on “tuesday links

  1. Talk about grinding my gears! That Time article. How can an “advanced journalist” have no idea what a library actually does? As for annoyed librarians, makes two of us!

    Thanks for sharing the links! :)

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